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Help These Children Live Their Dreams
...with a Dream Share
Value of one Dream Share: Rs.700 (12$)
Dream Shares Needed: 20,000
17380 Shares Raised
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Dream is Reality
Sadhguru Speaks About GSAP
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You are reading this today because you have the fortune of a good education. But for a significant percentage of people,quality education and a good future are still a dream.

In India, 75% of children study in government schools. In spite of enormous efforts by the government, even among higher grade students, an alarming percentage cannot read or write even in their mother tongue, let alone English. Over half cannot perform basic mathematics like addition or subtraction, and an increasing number suffer from anemia.

But with the necessary support, we could give the world another Ramanujam, Tagore or Gandhi.

GSAP:Making A Big Difference

Isha's Government School Adoption Program (GSAP) supplements the government's efforts by bridging critical gaps in delivering quality education. Currently, this project endows 25,000 students in 31 schools every year with the needed skills to fulfill their dreams. MORE...

With A Little Help, Dreams
Can Come True

A Dream Share is an investment in the prosperous future of the next generation, the nation and the world. An investment of less than Rs.2 a day or Rs.700 (12$) a year provides a good education and bright future for these children, allowing them to create their dreams.

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