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Dhyanalinga Completion Campaign

“Of the many ways one human can contribute and serve another human being, to offer the spiritual possibility that fulfills one’s ultimate well-being, is supreme.”
- Sadhguru

Be a part of history in the making...

Ancient cultures, engineered by realized beings, was designed in such a way that every activity we did automatically led to both our immediate and ultimate well-being. Temples stood at the very heart of these early societies. In every town, first a temple was built;only then the houses.

Today, these invaluable elements of our culture are heading rapidly towards oblivion. Once lost, it will be a tragic loss for humanity.

Isha Yoga Center houses Dyanalinga, an energy center of tremendous proportions. this Powerful space acts as the spiritual hub, reviving our rich ancient culture and thus bringing it back into our day-to-day lives.


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