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Target: 1 Crore*
Amount Raised : Rs. 9,972,063
Join us in Reviving this Glorious Culture
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Join Us! Help complete the next phase of the
Dhyanalinga Yogic
by raising 1 Crore.
Donation Options:
  1 Square Foot = Rs. 2100
  5 Square Feet = Rs. 10500
  10 Square Feet = Rs. 21000
  20 Square Feet = Rs. 42000
  50 Square Feet = Rs. 105,000
  Other Amount
Help Isha complete the Dhyanalinga – Revive India’s rich cultural and spiritual heritage.

India is an ancient culture that has nurtured countless enlightened beings, sages and seers. Yet knowledge of the inner sciences, transmitted across countless generations, is rapidly becoming lost.

With your help, in the next 12 months, Dhyanalinga, will offer a whole host of new facilities, thus reviving India’s rich cultural heritage, for generations to come.

Join Us!
Help complete the next phase of construction
by raising 1 Crore(*$180,000/£110,000)

By the end of 2013, Isha Yoga Center will house a whole host of new facilities, making it a center of unparalleled cultural and spiritual significance. The complex will include:
COMPLETE!   Dhyanalinga, Suryakund & Chandrakund (consecrated water bodies optimising receptivity and health) and Linga Bhairavi
  Auditorium screening documentaries of spiritual and scientific interest
  Annadanam Mandapam where free consecrated food will be served to visitors
  Arts & Crafts Center to revive and preserve India’s rich cultural heritage
  Cultural Manadapam showcasing the cream of India’s performing arts talent

Education Center for children and Project GreenHands Center

  Exquisite Flower Gardens, free Accommodation for Sadhus, a Library, and much much more.
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